Welcome to Taylor Bridge Rugby.  

If junior rugby is the life blood of the game, then the heart is the junior rugby club. The club is the place that provides the opportunity for young people to safely learn what a wonderful game rugby is.

At Taylor Bridge we take our responsibility to the kids seriously and are focused on providing a fun and safe way for children and their families to enjoy the game.



We have the advantage of being a junior only club, we don’t have to compete with senior teams for attention or effort, this means we can focus all our efforts on the needs of the kids and their families.

It’s not just about the rugby.

The other thing we focus on is our community. We value the camaraderie, and community spirit that comes with being part of our club. The players are easy to keep happy, but we want the whole family to look forward to coming to the club. Taylor Bridge is a club that is as much about mums as it is dads, sisters as it is brothers, sponsors as it is supporters.